Custom Colored Gimbal

Custom Colored Gimbal

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Want a color other than red, white, blue or black? No problem! Follow the steps below to get your very own custom colored gimbal:


  1. Select the style you want: The OG or The Seltzer Stabilizer
  2. Add the desired quantity to your order
  3. Complete the payment and copy the order number provided
  4. Navigate to the "Contact Us" page
  5. Fill out the "Name" and "Email" fields (and phone number, if desired)
  6. Paste your order number into the body of the message along with the desired custom color(s) of your choosing (limit 1 color per gimbal)


Note: Custom colored materials are ordered and manufactured on a per-order basis. We do our best to expedite the process, but please allow up to 2 weeks between order and shipping. 

If for any reason we can't complete the custom order as specified, we will contact you immediately and offer a full refund on the custom item(s).